Friday, 6 April 2012

Never Let Me Go Review (2010)

Never Let Me Go, the bleak British drama stars Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield as three lost souls in search of who they are, and what they are, before their time is up.

Aesthetically mundane, American director Mark Romanek has nailed the drab English tone of this characteristically British story perfectly - the majority of the film set somewhere in the dank and miserably Midlands. Adapting Kazou Ishiguro’s novel for the screen is Alex Garland, who flits easily between teen angst and the sobering realisation that life, death, and everything in between happens very, very quickly. There's no rest bite when dealing with the heavily set themes, and by placing them directly in an all too familiar environment, it's an uncomfortable watch.

The love triangle between the three leads is played with such eloquence and tragedy, their existence is all the more heartbreaking. Carey Mulligan really excells in her role as Kathy, the slightest of looks defies a thousand emotions, and gives Knightley a run for her money, who does well as best friend Ruth. Garfield is perfectly cast as the meek Tommy, stuck between the two women and a destiny beyond any of their control.

What makes Never Let Me Go apt is it’s ability to thrust uncomfortable emotions into the forefront of conscious thought, rather than whisk them away into an unrealistic life affirming conclusion. Perhaps not one for the whole family, it's definitely worth a watch to remind us all how fleeting life really is.

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