Monday, 29 November 2010

Charly Coombes and the New Breed 'Waves' EP (2010)

Charly Coombes and the New Breed returns with their second EP, Waves, a searing follow up and welcome return to their debut EP Panic. Set for general release today.

Having been blown away by their previous EP, I had high hopes for the lovely Oxford bunch, and from the outset CCATNB’s sound has aged with distinction, and like a good wine, they seem to have gotten better with time. Opening with their current single Jungles and Tides, there is a familiar tone to their now recognisable style-keys driven with an up tempo dose of guitar and drums. The track marks a slight departure from their previous EP Panic which saw CCATNB become established as one of the UK’s most promising bands to shine for a while.

God Knows is classic CCATNB, and defines the EP as their well oiled sound that goes down a treat at their live gigs. For fans of Supergrass and 90s indie rock, a time not long past, yet apparently forgotten, it’s a pleasant reminder of how the independent music scene used to sound before things all got a bit emo, and the music was lost somehow. Sub-Rosa I believe is the crescendo of the EP, drawing the mind and ears into a reflective tone, with beautiful key led melodies that show Coombes’ skill and passion for a narrative, and his unparalleled understanding of how to make a track clutch at your senses, without the overload. The track holds the band high above the many, many faceless guitar bands out there at the moment. Keys it seems, and honest soul filled vocals are a good thing. Molly harks a heart that can’t be ignored, and brings the EP to an all too quick end, reminding me why many bands don’t compete with the New Breed.

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