Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Charly Coombes & the New Breed

Charly Coombes & the New Breed are an Oxford based four piece, the brain child of Charly Coombes, (the youngest brother to Gaz and Rob Superpgrass Coombes), and released their debut EP, entitled Panic in February 2010. Now, with obvious Supergrass comparisons aside, CCATNB’s debut EP is a welcome breath of fresh air to the current alternative music scene. As a relatively young band, having formed in July 2009, the all Oxford residing members have a nostalgic energy that is absorbed far too easily into the ear holes, that they’re left wanting more. This is always a good sign.

From the outset the opening track, Panic Between the Sheets, sets up some classic piano thumping led riffs that stomp, delight and blow away the musty music that’s been polluting the British airwaves for the past year or so. Serge, sounding a little like a track to a French crime fighting caper takes on a different direction to its predecessor, and is reminiscent of how music used to sound, before all this technological nonsense brought the geek into music, rather then promoting the classically talented, instrumentally led music that has a passion and a story to tell. CCATNB offer this kind of sound, that does evoke comparisons with the mid to late 90s British sound, but with an edge.

Hell Below is a pleasant track that gets the feet tapping to the beat, while For the Pain I believe is a secret EP attention stealing wonder. With a 70s rock feel to it, following the successfully tried and tested formula to alternative rock, this track will leave you feeling like summer is here to stay, and brings a sense of childlike realisation that there’s hope and all will be ok, even though the lyrics suggest a sense of despair. Yes the Coombes family are a talented bunch, but it seems Charly and his New Breed have a lot to offer, and have no need to fear the shadow of Supergrass, but can firmly step into the light off their own musical endeavours. I look forward to their future releases.

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